6 Convenient Ways To Back Up Your Data

Cloud-computing-safetyData backup is really necessary these days whether a person runs a business or not. A lot of information is stored on computers as documents, pictures, financial data, music or video files, etc and if it is lost, it can create a lot of problems for computer users. That is why those who rely on computers on a regular basis should take advantage of the following data backup methods in order to protect their precious files and digital information.

Use CDs and DVDs

This is still one of the best way of preserving pictures or other types of digital information of a relatively small size. CDs can hold about 0.7GB of data, DVDs can hold 4.4GB and usually they offer enough storage space for regular computer users who don’t work with very big files. Additionally, CDs and DVDs can be bought from any shop and they are very cheap as well.

Use USB sticks

In a similar fashion, USB memory sticks are very popular these days and widely used by millions of people. They have memories of different sizes such as 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB or even more in some cases. Also, top quality USB sticks can transfer files very quickly and they are also small and compact as well, making them the perfect option for a busy computer user who travels a lot.

Use HDDs

On the other hand, if someone needs to store files of a larger size, he might want to buy an external HDD which can be connected to any computer or laptop. HDDs are very varied on the market these days, and they offer various features and advantages. They can hold a couple of TB of data; they can transfer files with an immense speed, and they can also be compact and lightweight as well. Computer users who need a portable and spacious storage unit can confidently rely on HDDs in order to transfer very big files from their work to their homes and vice-versa.

Use SSDs

SSDs (solid state drives) are relatively new on the market these days and although they are a little bit more expensive than the classical HDD, they offer tons of benefits and advantages which cannot be ignored. For example, an SSD is more reliable, more durable, and it can still hold an impressive amount of data such as 128GB, 256GB or even 512GB and the digital information stored on them cannot be erased or lost because of natural disasters or various other external harmful agents. Some actually think that they are almost indestructible and they are perfect for storing very important and large files.

Use online file storage clients

Another way a computer user can protect and backup his files is by uploading them on an online file storage host. Basically, he pays a monthly fee, and he can store several hundreds of GB of data, depending on his needs and preferences.

Use professional backup services

Businessmen are strongly encouraged to opt for professional data backup services because these can be fully tailored and customized, the offer tons of convenient features and they always offer top-notch protection and data retrieval possibilities as well.